I was first unsure if i should make 2 different pages one for dance and all stuff what i do and another for spirituality and healing.

but then i thought i am also not seperated in this 2 things.i am always one and combine everything what i do, so it wouldn´t be authentic for me just because people want to bring you into their thinking box for their saftiness of understanding and how things should be in their concepts. but i am just here, to be me 😉 i became the human who i am from the things what i have done and still do and i am very happy with it. many people just will show a little part of themself because of the fear from the judging society, but when you fully accept who you are and what you have done then there is nothing to hide. i am here to share and gift myself to everyone who is ready.

for me its the ying and yang the activity and silence the highs and the depts to enjoy and “master” life. be the light and the darkness to become the circle and enjoy everything what is. you are here to be yourself and noone else

people know me as a crazy active human in sports the same i am in spirituality with my energie work i do.i pushed myself through many boarders to explore what is my limit.so i went in both sides into extremes to come into the tao now. people describe me as openminded, helpful, grateful, crazy, happy, funny , inspiring, motivating, ect.. but dont trust any words always explore by yourself 😉 i love to share knowledge and give workshops to bring people to their physical and mental limits. life is outside the comfortzone and there you can find love and happieness when you get over your limit.

i am very interessted in the human potential, dance, spirituality, old cultures, megalithic stone structures, i like to travel the world to get new inspirations/ informations. i like to be alone in the nature to listen or be with animals and i also love to dance the whole night and having fun with many people.so i hope this gives you a little picture of who i am and the other things what i have done you can find below in my CV 😉

nice to meet you thank you for your time 😉