The last 14 years I studied a lot of different healing techniques to heal myself from my discprolapse and other injurys.

In the last years I could transform with all this techniques illness like short sight or people in wheel chair, cancer, malaria…ect.
you can find infos from patients in the feedback.

i am very happy that i can share all the knowledge and give healing to everyone who is ready for it.

Everything is transformable, if the person is ready!!!
30 min 500€


Distance Healing Skypesession thekrake
Also Group Healing and Past Life Healing


Alexander is currently traveling and only coaches and treats in exceptional cases. Until he is back in Europe, The Force in you team will mainly do the coaching and healing. Before you decide on an appointment, prepare yourself by looking at his texts and seminar videos so that his way of working is understood and the transformation is faster and more effective. Thank you very much.