Pyrokinesis – Ability to create, start, and manipulate the element fire. with this one could shape fire from generation to make it into any shape the manic desires. they can also heat and melt or boil water,objects, and totally control every particle of heat and fire around the locations,. with enhanced you could generate fire filling force fields, project fire discs, bombs, balls, blasts, etc.. with some upgraded it can almost combust objects. as in total explosion.

Psammokinesis – Ability to heat sand or manipulate it into making it imobolize or inhabitilize and use it as concussive blasts.. Thermokinesis – The ability to alter the heat in objects,liquids, etc.. with this one can generate heat in objects or places, and use it as a flamable gas source. this has been shown to generate lucke warm water.


Hydrokinesis – Ability to create,shape,and manipulate water, with that one can generate water bolts, blasts, bullets, and water dropleting used to create vavid water geyser blows. with this you could also shape water into any , ANY , shape the manical desires. you may also cause rain or melt clouds and manipulate them. and cause water force fields. Thermokinesis – The ability to alter the heat in objects,liquids, etc.. with this one can generate heat in objects or places, and use it as a flamable gas source. this has been shown to generate lucke warm water.

Cryokinesis – Ability to create, control, and shape the element ice, with this one can generate cold energy until objects or liquids freeze, or they could create ice blasts, blows, balls, and ice breath blows, manipulation of ice power. Substanciakinesis – The ability to solidify/ and turn water into a jelly like compound and stick it to objects or other liquids.


Cryokinesis – the power and ability to manipulate generate and control ice and snow at will, create unusually strong blizzards, snowstorms and snowfall, and freeze an entire area, room or building with solid ice and create a variety of shapes out of solid ice.

Sylorokinesis – The ability to solidify water, using it as being able to walk on it, swing on it, or use it as if it were the ground and solid we use.


Aerokinesis – Ability to create, shape, and manipulate the element air at will. with this one can generate air blows, and create air blasts or even shape it until it can do many things, they could even lift objects off the ground are create air bombs or manipulate feral energy.

Gyrokinesis – Ability to create and control the physics of gravity, with this one can cause yourself to levitate or even generate blasts of gravity bolts.

Myokinesis – Ability to generate and see liptoquid air energy, with this one can see the waves of objects and direct energy circuts. after seeing these one can manipulate and extend the waves pressure into causing the object it came from to completely give up and explode.


Terrakinesis – Ability to control, create, and shape the element earth, with this the mancer could create plants from the ground of any type, create sand,dirt,soil,etc, and manipulate rocks , earth, and they could also shape it into bombs or even spikes etc.. manipulation over the earth power.

Agrokinesis – The ability to create and manipulate the green earth element, plants, with this one can generate and grow plants from the ground in there fast vast speeds, and manipulate them into doing many things.

Sylokinesis – The ability to generate green fire, with this the fire could completly alter objects into making them blast from distances, or turn them solid, or even melt.


Electrokinesis – combined elementals of all. the ability to create,shape, and control the element quintessence and energies. with this one can generate and shape the quintessent into force fields, blasts, and shape it with its own properties, they can throw electrical shapes of any color and kind and manipulate electricity,lightning, and even weather too, and they can be used to manipulate all elements,. this has been shown by gwen tennyson, will vandom, and the invisable woman, they can also create mana fields and manipulate them into force or to walk or objectile on. plus they can manipulate ANY energy, including mana itself. the life energy, etc…

Ergokinesis – The ability to control and generate all elemental energies, giving the user the abilities of all kinetics or psionics. water,fire,air,earth,energy,etc…

Cosmokinesis – the ability to create,control and manipulate cosmic and space energies, this can be used to create radiational fields, track down objects people or places of life, and generate cosmic powered fields.