Are you afraid of bababubu? No, because you dont know who is bababubu 😀 Ok it dont sounds that scary then death 😀 But why are you afraid of death when you even dont know what is happening? Mostly people are afraid of pain and suffering but this they are doing every day in their life. When you dont belief in reincarnation why do you give any shit of what happens in your life? Just because of expactations and so called morals?
I remembered many of my old lifetimes and found even picture from a guy who looks like me from 200 years ago… and i am interessted in the same topics what he was writing 😉 but i will come now to a more personal topic

Last week my father left his body i already knew it before it happened and talked to his soul. He was for many years in a victim role where he was not ready to let go of it or lets say he was more feared to totally change his life how it was, i talked with him for many hours whats the real reason for all this fears is… the problem is that instead of confronting fears and problems, people mostly start running away from the fear and making themself busy to leave some footprint on the earth. It was a very intense but also good process for me and i am very thankful for my brother who was every day with him. I have my deep respect for the way he choosed to go and that he survived 14month of pancreas cancer(most people die after 2month). Some people asked me why i couldnt fully heal my father, because i healed already many people with cancer. The thing in healing is you cant heal anyone if the person is not fully allowing it, a strong illness needs a strong change in life and this will needs to come from the heart and not from the egomind. You cant heal anyone when people still want to hold on their problems, because of the fear of letting go and going a new way is to big. In the last days i was thinking why people are making this seperation to suffer all the time. In german we say “beileid”(i suffer with you) its the condolences, its like the person gives you also his suffering to yours …how should this help me??? I know that i live a different life that the suffering mass and understand their pain, which i also had before i transformed this social problems. When you are totally in peace with a person there is no need to suffer! So just because the person is not in his body anymore?You can always communicate with every spirit if you train your consciousness. so its all Egocrap… one reason why people are suffering is their bad thoughts and guiltiness what they reflect to the person is comming back to themself and then they feel bad about it, that they couldnt talk or forgive or do something in the time when the person was here in 3d. Another reason is that people think they need to be sad if someone goes out from his body, because we got teached that death is scary and bad. If more people could see that millions of spirits are walking here one earth they would see it differently 😀 what if you dont need to be afraid of death? what if you can fully love death?
Is the caterpillar sad when it dies and becomes a butterfly? I dont think so … When i look around death is a release, because 95% of all human are suffering in their life, they dont even appreciate that they are here and creating a life as a victim. So when someone is dieing they look at themself and start to rethink like, what they have achieved or how they live and how fast it can be over. So they feel their own fear of their existence till they find a distraction, because its to scary for them to think about it for a longer time. How big is our ego isnt it assuming that we are thinking we have the right to own another person to say its not fair that the person dont stay with us anymore.. its always about us… its my child, its my boyfriend, its my husband… sorry close your eyes and feel, thats the only thing what is yours for a short time. You just borrow this body to get new experience to expand your consciousness, till you leave and choose another. Every 4Seconds dies a human and every 3seconds a new got born, in nature everything is destroying and recreating. Naturevolution is to adopt to the constant change so every animal or plant is getting stronger when the outside situation will change. Everything is all the time in connection and communication with everything what is, but back to the maintopic 😀
I came totally in peace and happy to the funeral and hugged everyone to help them releasing their pain, after the third speach i felt already i want to vomit, because i heard all the lies what people are talking and felt their suffering energie. More then 150 people in a room spreading sadness and pain so i couldnt center my self and was the channel for all of this and cried to release this pressure.. My brother held me in his arms and said: look father is laughing down at us and i said i am not sad what i am releasing its not mine its the crap from the roomcollective what i feel. Thats the problem when you are hypersensitive and you cant center anymore. So i went on the stage and tried to read my poem, what i did under a lot of tears and i was so happy that we could go out from this hall then i could finally breath. Still when we have been infront of the graveyard i felt every single person who came to me to give me their condolenses, but i am very happy that i became this lesson.
A significant thing that every human being has too is to structure their psychological and emotional framework around the most fundamental fact of their life – their mortality. Only when you do this will you naturally become eligible for a spiritual process, to a dimension beyond the mundane. The nature of your logical mind is such that it would like to eliminate death completely from its scope of thought. This is why most people are structuring their psychological process around a nonsensical idea of immortality – as if they are forever. Every day, there is no reminder in their thought that this is a limited amount of time and that you are just a baton carrier from the previous generation to the next. Right now, it takes a lifetime for people to understand that they are mortal; they need a heart attack or the appearance of a malignant lump somewhere to remind them.
You need to celebrate and enjoy every moment of your life because the goddamn life does not wait for you even for a moment. You need to celebrate and enjoy every moment of your life because the goddamn thing does not wait for you even for a moment. So it is extremely important that you make this into a joyful and fantastic process. If you were immortal, you could enjoy a hundred years each of depression, anxiety, madness and misery and then on the 500th anniversary, you could become joyful. But that is not the case even their are techniques you could learn for immortality and their a 3 citys in this world who already got a average of 90 years and the oldest recorded chinese was 256 years. But you as a mostly unconscious human are mortal and it is ticking away. If you think you will be here forever, you will ignore life completely, entangled in your own psychological nonsense which has nothing to do with reality. But suppose you knew you were going to die in the next one hour, you would notice every little bit of life. You would not miss anything. This is not a morbid message, it is a life-oriented message. You will be truly life-oriented only if you know that life is a very limited amount of time. Being unpleasant and depressed is death-oriented, isn’t it? You have time and room for all these things only because you think you are immortal. There is no time for frustration, for depression, for anxiety or for anger. There is no time for any unpleasantness in this life. If you think you will be here forever, you will ignore life completely, entangled in your own psychological nonsense which has nothing to do with reality. But suppose you knew you are going to die in the next one hour, you will notice every little bit of life – you will not miss anything. You can truly enjoy and joyfully walk through this life only if you know that you are mortal. If you are constantly reminded of this, then this whole life process will unhinge itself from the psychological nonsense and physicality, and will want to experience everything. It will become super-alert. Your life will naturally look for something beyond. A spiritual process will become a natural process of growth for you – not something that you have to be kicked into.
So death is coming closer .. every day every hour every second…nothing to be feared nothing to be sad ..only if you have never really lived… If you dont live everyday with your fascinated fire you are limiting your life by searching what you are burning for and when you find it and it will be over you start again searching and you think there must be one thing. Because we got told, you need one thing in your life what makes you happy. This is the biggest lie from the consumption society. I meet so many millionärs who arent happy with all the stuff they have and they liked to buy my fire. When you are happy you are really happy and its not because of one thing …When you are love you will spread love and see love in everything and not just one thing. so you just allow that happiness or love goes through your body. Look at the children they still run around with this fire. Sometimes we see someone living his fire in his art and then we also want to do that hobby what he is doing, because we think we can have then the same feeling, but this fire is not because of what he is doing so he could clean also the house with this fire…so are you ready to look for and enhance your flame? or do you wanna regret that you have never really lived…???
have a nice day 😉 big hug
new experience
i read an articel about an meditation with death. And did this meditation where i fully went into this darkness and talked to 3 dark creatures and wow i felt just a big heart opening. i can invite and love fully death now 😉 and i am very thankful that we have death