look why …Youuu are an asshole
…yes exactly you and 99% in this world.
you may think how can you say something like that….because your ego belives that he is the best, always better and stronger more intelligent than everyone else and at the sametime dont really belive in themself and being jelouse and greedy. With this seperation we always play the victim and offenderroles the whole day.
so there are different kind of assholes:
Number 1 : Try to be nice and lie unconsciously to themself and others, that they think that they are nice, but just do it to get what they want, but at least the do a little bit for the good for others, but the intention is not free from need and also mostly just for themself and need and desire creates always more pain and drama.
Number 2 : Pretend to be nice but doing the opposite and judging others for the problems, so that they dont need to look at them self.
Number 3 : They know that they are assholes and just dont care and belive thats the only way to go around in this world.
Number 4: Knows to be an asshole is an possibility and in the right situation just the right choice to get what you want and take care of your own boarders.
The next thing is, as long you have judgement about being an asshole, you just create more of it and judge everyone else. That are mostly the people with the helper complex who want to harmonize all the time everything in the outside but not in themself and thats why they never can become happy. So how more you fight against something, how more you give it power. As long we dont speak free from the heart without any needs, without the need to speak, to show, to do, we are all manipulating assholes to get the attention from others. You just need to acknowledge it and become aware of your manipulation every day. Stop trying to be a good person. Allow everything what is, to be authentic and just be. This will heal more in your life and in the world, instead of trying positiv thinking and meditation. Let go of your masks and look to the shadows inside with your hurted inner child. Realease this, to become your real self .. .everything else is just manipulation and lie to yourself. There is no need to be good.
What if to be an asshole is needed? If all is gods creation why do you judge it? Dont you think life is easier without all the judgements? Just looking neutral like a child to all that is.!
People who wants a painfree world are just afraid of the pain. But you will remember always your lessons what you have made in pain. Dont run away from your fears/shadows and pain .. because you cant, you always carry them with you, it doesnt matter where you go.
There are only about 1% who transformed their ego and living in a state of love being, who also transformed the social programms and mastered “all” kind of levels.
have a nice day you little asshole hug