Some of the new students asked me why their wishes are not comming true, even if they tried Manifestationtechniques, Affirmations and Meditation. So i said there is a difference between heartwish and a egowish.
The egowish comes from the lack and thinks: if i reach or have this i will feel better and my life will be easier, but mostly there is also a fear within, if i reach it what will come next? and what if the goal dont gives me that satisfaction what i thought? do i really deserve this? ect.
Mostly this wish is just an idea what feels nice but you dont want it 100% . Because if you would really want it for 100% you would have it. Because if you really want something you will find a way if not you will find an excuse.
I saw that in my moneyseminars, people want money just because they think life will be easier then, but they dont love it out from the heart, if they would they would have money.
money follows happiness, “everything what creates”(fear is the other direction) follows actually happiness. if you have a deepheartwish what makes you happy and is not created out of lack it will manifest very fast. You feel also more attracted to people who are happy right?
with wanting you only create more lack.

so try it out say it 10 times

i dont want money
i dont want love
i dont want sex
i dont want peace
i dont want happiness
i dont want respect
i dont want attention

can you feel your resistance in your head saying that? do you feel some weird feelings in your belly? that are the stuck emotions in your intestine. The problem with your wanting is you just create all the time more lack, because you create seperation to it. By say i wish or i want that, you just say all the time you are in lack of that, theirfore you only can create more lack.

so how should i manifest???

if you want something you have to be it….. their is a saying like fake it till you make it
thats actually very true. how more you act like someone you adore, how more you will become that person . thats why also couples becomming very similar in their behaviour because they copy each other. We learn very fast by imitation, every sport everything we see we start to imitate and this goes faster then by explaining and when you put also the energiefield and the emotions to it like inspiration then you will learn extremly fast.
so the heartwill must inspire you, your eyes should glow when you talk about it or getting other body sensations. So you have to feel and see that you are already on you goal. see yourself with money see yourself happy see yourself winning. but not out of lack do it with easieness kindness happiess like a little child, allow yourself to dream big and play around dont make your wish to imporant dont make yourself to is just a funny game 😉
and say 10 times loud and feel it


and smile and can you feel how your chest is opening and expanding now? thats the way to live with easiness and happiness.
if you say now but thats a lie i dont love myself….or its hard to me to say it …….. good you are finally honest with yourself, so we can go deeper to release also this pain. this is just the beginning to show you the difference and there are many other things to look at. In my seminars i go deeper till people starts to cry and release all their pain.
And after one week i get the feedback that they got a new job , new love, new options and much more money and happiness in life and everything became much easier.
The big problem is that the normal mind is always lieing to us so we feel comfortable in our selflie
So how can you find out know what is really a heartwish and what is just a nice idea what feels good?. Ask your subconscious how much in percent you really want it and wait till the number comes dont think about a number.. thinking is always past and your ego will tell you 100% but its a lie…. and when you have now 80% ask again what do you need to do or be to make it 100 % destroy all contracts and fears what doesnt allow you to reach this goal. The answer what comes quick is mostly the right one, when you think about it you already analyse it and you can through it away, because you want to have it and you just lie again to yourself.
Just by understanding the programm, letting go of the past, the 100% decision that you really want it from your heart and the deep inner knowing already that its already here, will bring you to very fast manifestations. So how more you can see and feel it that its already here how faster you will manifest it. i still dont have my meditations ready but i can suggest you this one to start with
There is still much more to say about heartwish and manifestation but this will be in my book
ALL the best and have fun and write some feedback after you have tried it out