4 years ago i wrote a text about my path and happiness. please read it first 😉 funny text for me to read it again after such a long time https://www.facebook.com/notes/alexander-krake-krakolinig/my-way-to-success-enligthment-and-happiness-and-finding-the-real-i-/848096985270606/
i just got a new lesson from my last seminar i have been

i just came from my intense 35h weekend workshop and had nearly no time to rest, so my body and mind was very tired, because i came then directly to a seminar from 9am to 11pm and there was nearly no time to do my other stuff having contact with people or prepairing or finishing my work and constantly people wanting answers from me. also i was in the first 4 days kinda annoyed because i felt all the time the slow energie and some unauthentic talks from the teachers. i felt also the projection into me from their judgements when i asked questions and also from the room collective so i questioned myself if i should stay or better just do my own thing and dont attent at the seminar but even for that question i had no clear answer because i just was not in my full power.
i didnt like to say anything, because i came as student to learn and if nobody ask i wont say anything, because people feel very fast offended especially teachers who thinks that they are always in right, but i would be easy to destroy all their point of views.
but day after day it was really hard to find my balance with the lack of sleep mostly just 4h and the dense moon energy, my grandfather died so drama at home and i felt weak and annoyed what i havent felt for a very long time. so my resistance and judgements got stronger because i thought what i am doing here…? my expactation was to study levitation and seeing without the physical eyes and all the stuff they did was not new for me so is there anything to learn here ? because i felt kinda bored from the stuff they are doing and talking because my energie is much faster and much more transformative. (the first way to be unhappy is to compare)
so i thought wow i am such a judging asshole 😀 but its just the perception at the moment and that i want to control the situation to see if i am winning something out from it or not… but how can you know what you could win if you dont know what you win? its kinda tricky to go beyond your perception you have trained even if you trust your intuition… what if that your intution works also from fear? i also talked to 2 other students and they also had kinda same feeling because of the lack of the organisation. after 5 days finally some interessting talk and exercises for me and my health was also getting better.i had some nice dancing nights where i could let go all this thoughts and tensions what i felt the whole day in the room with this people.
so now started a new week in the mountains and a lot of new people came and again i could feel all this judgements from the people everyone want to say their idea of right and wrong and got in conflict with the teacher i just sat there and could laugh. because i finally understood what was going on and i felt like to be one of my own students when they come with a special expectation. i always say expect the unexpected and you are close to me and now i saw myself how this expactation of wanting to learn something makes the pressure and how we lose the easiness in learning from everything what is.
its nothing new but it was just a differnt layer to feel it again. so while we played a game about having a fixed point of view and then to change it i just could play it and had my fun with it. so you can stay and make the best out of it and bring the love what is needed or go your own way alone
so i realized even if you are on a certain stage of awareness its also just a point of view in this realisation where you think that you are beyond it… but with this judging you dont allow yourself to experience even beyond your beyondness 😀 and by thinking you are beyond you still have resonance.. if you would beyond it you would be in peace it doesnt matter what comes up
so i saw how we lose our happiness and fun because we want to be in right instead just having fun.
we think ohh this is to stupid i dont need it this is too childish, its ridiciouless ect.
so we judge a game and dont allow to just explore because we think that we know already.
so i see how more we train our intellect and strongly hold on this knowledge how less most of the people want to play and have fun and dont allowing themself to be just childish stupid and just enjoying because their is a programm to be serious to get accepted from the knowledge and being stupid is against knowledge so i dont do it 😀 are you willing to change this point of view to recieve more happiness in life?
so how more you stay at the question, what contribution is here, how more can you find the gain in the whole situation, because you brought yourself into this present moment so there must be something for you. so whats your choice? how much unawarness do you use that you are not aware of what you choose and are you willing to transform this now?
there are not so many ways for people if they are stuck mostly they stay the same and just feel bad and trapped instead of changing the point of view. so if you cant change it you have to leave or fully accept it and by accepting you could see other things what havnt seen your filter before because of the judgment you had. also how more you connect and accept how more you will be a part of it and also have influence in the whole game. resistance just gives power to the other side and you stay in the fight with yourself and the others and wont change the situation
so even if you dont get what you want to learn always ask what is here what i dont know or see what can contribute to my life?
what can give me even more what i havent even expected ?
what do i need to allow or do to recieve what would be good for me what i dont know jet?
bring your walls down and allow to recieve from everything what is…
what do you need to do that abundance becomes a bun dance 😀 ?
how much do you need to dance to have happiness every day?
who do i pretent to be what doesnt allows me to be happy?
who am i imitating who is not happy to have connection with him?
what is the biggest fear when i am too happy?
are you ready to play games just for the fun?
are you willing to play games without winning anything?
are you ready to let go all judgments and point of views about happiness and when is it allowed to be happy?
what if loosing control would give you unlimited amount of happiness ?
in the spiritual path you know happiness should come from inside and not from outside
so sometimes you dont allow yourself to be happy from outer things because you know it wont stay long and everywhere you bought that point of view are you willing to destroy and uncreate it ?
are you ready to destroy all point of views and identifications about yourself?
i found a programm in myself that i dont celebrated my achievement i always made it little like to be humble or not showing off so what is the point then to follow or work on a aim if you dont celebrate yourself when you finished it? for me it was always clear that everyone can do it so i didnt like to make a big thing out from it.
if you are not proud of your way you also cant really be proud of others because you dont allow it from the inside . i felt kinda sorry about myself that i did this to me and others and needed to laugh also about myself how tricky my subconscious is. because i found no one anymore who are inspiring me even that my mind know that the whole world is inspiring and amazing.. but inside was something searching for more fire what i had in the early ages i felt like where are the great changemakers, the crazy people, powerful people all the old friends becoming lazy parents and try to be normal in this mindwashed society, i got tired with my own flame even that i understood from the head its kinda nonsense. some years ago i asked myself for what i am burning and i first i thought this question is kinda limitating if i give an answer to it, but the answer what came was for the secrets/unknown and impossible… first i thought yes that is right and then oh oh now i know whats going on…. all the time when i could do what people thought what is impossible or crazy or when i found out a secret technique my fire was off and i stopped the research… so i never celebrated my achivements and actually „wasted“ a lot of energy
so are you willing to destroy all your point of views where you still harm your own flame and inspiration?
are you ready to let go all programms where you waste energy instead of gaining more energy?
what do you still give energy what is actually dead since a long time and are you ready to let go of this habit of reanimation?
what are you not willing to kill in your life because you are afraid of losing and are you ready to do it and go on now?
how much control are you ready to let go to finally recieve unknown happiness?
are you ready to let got all point of views about when how and why happiness can come into your life?
so say loud yes and breath out everything what makes you feel heavy and unhappy 😉
because i am happy listen to the song and raise your energy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbZSe6N_BXs
happiness is a choice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcc3jKCze0c
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