What is being thankful to you? Are you really thankful?
Are you ready to let go all kind of definitions of being thankful to finally be thankful?
Are you ready to let go all kind of definitions what a good person / human being is?

Actually i am a mean person because i wanted to catch you with the titel and this text is more about thankfulness but i am so mean that i will also write about the being a good person programm. So mostly everyone wants to be a good person but why is it that nearly all people are egoist assholes when they dont get what they want ? Yes even you.

If you dont know that you are an asshole then read that note and you will find out yourself

As long you are in wanting you are not being it and how more you want to be good how more you got even seen as bad, because you do it out from the need to get accepted from the outside as a good person but deep inside you still feel guilt somewhere. Maybe you broke something as a child by playing and feel guilty therefore or your parents say they only will love you when you are nice and stop crying ect. All this methods in the childhood creates a lot of mental disorder in your life even if you dont remember that programms they are still active…

Even when you read my lines here you mind is constantly judging in right and wrong to create seperation or connection to the meaning of the text. On one side its good for your identification so you can feel save on the other hand it cuts of awareness and let you live in a reaction mode like fight flight shock ect. And as long you can be controlled that easy with emotions and other distractions techniques you are breakfast for people who want to manipulate you.

But to come back to the maintopic how much manipulation do you allow to feel connected with other people and are you ready to change this? Say loud yes and breath out where you still have contracts with people who are manipulating you to get their needs.

The thought of being a good person seperates acutally that you are one, because you are constantly seeking to do something better, nicer and not accept and celebrate what is at the present moment. The other thing is you always judge what is good and what is bad all the time instead of just being a good person who lives in peace. As long as you blaim how can you do good things? So you actually are judging and blaiming the things what you also dont do or just do at the same time… like oh he just did this or how could he do this.. oh the goverment is so bad… ect. excuse me do you live your life or that life?
People who live their own life have no time to waste with other information what has nothing really to do with them. Energy follows attention as long i always go outward i wont go forward in my own life so how can i be a good person when i dont even care about my own life, because i think everything else is more important and take resposibilites for things what dont belongs to me….it doesnt mean that i should not change the nonsense in this world but not out from resistance and judgement. Change the world by being your own creator and manifest what makes you happy then you will send out your waves and will create bigger space and possibilities to focus on a new world instead of fighting the old.
So everywhere where you still want to change the world because you belive its needed are you ready to change this? Everywhere you still fight and have resitance are you ready to change this?
Because as long you have resistance and fight in you you waste a lot of energy and it takes much more time to manifest anything.. unfortaintly we got trained over years this way and belive thats the only one . i was a crazy fighter and discovered a much easier way over the last 8 years and if i can do it you also can do it.

So are you ready do let go all concepts about good and bad to finally be you? Everything what still manipulates you not being you are you ready to change it now breath out all your heaviness now
so now back to thankfullness

Many people are using this word that they are thankful when they got help in a situation, but each person sees thankfullness in different ways most of the people need something material to stay longer thankful for one thing because information or feeling is very fast gone of the constant change of emotions. Like if i gift you a book or dvd you get much more reminded each time when you see it, but if i do a coaching/healing and you feel much better you wont get reminded all the time that i helped you in that, because that what is really healed dont show up anymore theirfore you forget. Its the same like everything what you fully forgive you also forget it has no value in your life anymore.
I will list some different types of people maybe you can find your „friend“ or yourself you can see this very clearly when you help someone in the beginning they are overwhelmed and say „oh i am so thankful thank you so much“ but mostly they dont talk about who helped them and always show that they did everything by themself to pet their own ego instead of supporting the helper.
Some years ago i experienced that some women who thought after some seminars and healingssessions with me, that they can heal the whole world now and thought that they are super aware but unfortaintly they have been projecting a lot of opinions in the people and just created a lot of chaos, i never talked about until now because by now its just a good example theirfore i use it. First people will please you to help them out from their vicitmness but when you make them strong they start to feel superior and start judging you, if you dont give them what they want. I remember here the quote from the movie jupiter ascending :“ i dont belive in trust i only belive mutual selfinteresst“ this sentence left a big impact in me.
I dont make a big deal about healing i know everyone can do it so i share it and transform things very fast and easy, but a part of the ego is still happy if people show gratitude with feedbacks and helping(by giving trust) others with it to let go their drama. Also the client emotions and realitys switch so fast that when people heal one drama already create another some weeks later if they are not aware and so they can remember. I stopped mostly doing healing and started to teach selfmastery because i prefer it to see the flower growing instead of cutting all the time the old leaves away from them.
Why are we not always grateful? Judgment and expactation is mostly the other side of the coin. So if we look into generations older people care mostly less about things and are happier about moments or just some little actions that they see that the are remembered and that they have a value, because how older people get how more they think they cant work anymore have no power and theirfore they feel useless in the society and in many european families you see that old people are mostly not living with the young generations, because they put them into a senior residence.

One type of persons are constantly givers to feed their ego to hear a thank you thats the helper complex.. they are like people who just gift because they want to recieve but its very tricky because they are not aware of that programm. mostly they act like being thankful that they can help, but deep inside they are looking for acceptance what they cant get, because they cant even fully let in the thankfulness and always wanted to be needed to have a lifevalue or lifemission.

The victimtype are always in a need of the helper and constantly looking for someone to get his attention and also just use thankfullness to manipulate the people with the helpercomplex. Therefore you see that the vicitm is always a offender at the same time.

So this thankfulness is always on the surface and is just used as a programm.

In my seminar we do sometimes on the last day a feedback how people saw the progress in others, what has a very big impact on everyone. In this exercise one stands infront of everyone and get the feedback and he/she is not allowed to say anything back and especially no thank you, because people cut the energy by saying that, so they just need to let their wall down and recieve every word others say. This exercise is very intense just recieving without saying anything and it brings a lot of healing in everyone.

Real thankfulness is for me a state of being, like i look into the nature and i am just thankful for every plant and animal or i see people running around and i just bless them to find peace if they want. Its like looking with eyes full of love, many times i just sat and observered everything and recieved a spark of light and you become the moment and emptiness and thankfullness apears out from nothing.

People still think you need to do an action or pay forward so that people will be thankful so you can feel valued(are you ready to change this please). So when you constantly give and people dont care, you dont feel that your existance or action has a value and you start to create pain because of your expactation.
Everywhere where you expact thankfulness just because you give constantly more then people can recieve please transform it now everywhere you still want to be a good person please transform it now
everywhere you still think you have to be a good person please transform it now everywhere you gift just to get gifts please transform it now.

Everywhere you gift because you feel in a guilt or you havent done enough please transform it everywhere you gift just because you want a lovlier world please transform it now.

Everywhere you choose to be thankful because you have an intention and a opinion about it please transform it now Everywhere you still got angry when you dont get a thank you please transform it.

Everywhere you still have expactation how thankful someone need to be when you do something for him/her please change it now everywhere where you judge people who are not thankful please transform it.

Everywhere you expact thankfulness for the things you do for others are you ready to change it ?everywhere you use thankfulness to manipulate yourself and others are you ready to change this now

How and who will you be if you have no need to be thankful anymore?
How much are you a slave of the need of being thankful to everyone just not for yourself and are you ready to change this?
How much are you a slave of wanting and recieving thankfulness.
How much is your whole life built up on being thankful how much stupidity do you use to be thankful instead of being aware and present in your body ? how much do you need thankfulness is your life and use it as fuel for your emotiontank ? Everywhere where you try to be more thankful please transform it now.

Everywhere we are still pleasing instead of to order please transform it now everywhere we learned from our parents that we have to be thankful where, when and for what please transform it now everywhere we confuse thanfulness with acknowledgement please transform it now everywhere we compare the things for which we are thankful please transform it now all implants and explants that prevent you of being simple/easily thankful please transform it now everywhere we learned we have to be thankful even we didnt asked about please transform it now all concepts how thankfulnes has to be/ appear/display please transform it now.

Everywhere where we are just thankful because we are afraid and want to avoid to hurt the counterpart/ the others / to people who gift please transform it now everywhere you cant feel thankfulness because you are busy with searching it please transform it now.

Everything we see/categorize/classify thankfulness as obviously please transform it now everywhere we confuse thankfulness with making the others happy please transform it now.

repeat and feel what comes up in your body i dont want to be thankful i dont want to be thankful i dont want to be thankful i dont want to be thankful.

I am thankful iam thankful i am thankful i am thankful i am thankful.
I am that what i condeemn /damn / adjudge.

Everywhere where we still look for same eyelevel to compare sameness about giving and recieving please change it now.

Everywhere where i look for equality in my giving and recieving and everywhere where i compare of any values and expactation of appreciation please transform it now.

So i hope you had fun and didnt vomited on your laptop. Thanks for reading and raising your consciousness. Leave a comment if you have something special or still has resonance. Just leave a happy or vomating smily. Have a nice week hugs from the beach.