Because of many times missunderstanding of who i am or what i am doing and some questions from students i thought it would be a good idea to write a note about it. Thank you for taking the time to try to understand


I think this question can open a lot in you when you just sit still and ask yourself who you really are… In my “spiritual” journey over the last 10 years i found out that i had many identifications before from being a martial artist, triathlet, artist, stuntmen, model, dancer, teacher, healer ect. but at the same time it was just a job what i did and i never really liked to be fully limited by being just one thing what i could do well, thats why i did always everything to understand everything i was searching always for more knowledge, i was such a junkie that i watch more 500 documentarys about free energie, healing, ufos, atlantis, lemuria ect, every year and did before even more then 200 sports and tested every year 3 new sports and did more then 20 jobs. Over the last 7 years i traveled around 50 countrys and was constantly in movement and people couldnt even understand how i did all the stuff in such a short time and said you are living many lifes at the same time. Some people know already a little bit of my story from my interviews that i came from extrem sport to extrem spirituality to heal my back prolaps so if you want to know more about that journey just listen to this

After all this search and doing different healing techniques to go easier forward in life i found my deep core programms with mentoring seminars what really helped me a lot to be healed. I have seen with all the books and esotheric knowledge the only thing what mostly rise is the spiritual ego. The same thing with all the spiritual experiences thats why i mostly dont talk about it only to people who are ready and dont want to kiss my feets afterwards (indian guru worshipping). I never liked to be a guru or spiritual teacher because i saw all this ungrounded esotheric teachers who talk about laws and are good sellers but havent still not understood the complexity and for me i just liked to share my experience what helped me so much and saw how easy it could be. At that time i still wanted to change and heal the world and i started to travel around the world to give free donation workshops in dance and healing, because i said i am not here to live like a slave and i will find a place without goverment and religion or i will create it and teach people again what is ment to be a real human being because nowadays we are still just programmed sheeps. I remember from my pastlife/multidimensional life a much higher perspective but could rarly talk about it, i found on my journey much more about it but i also didnt want to stay in a fixed concept just because people said you have been with buddha and jesus and can see this and that in you aura. how can you understand mind when you are still in the mind? So you have to let got of everything and go beyond everything? are you sure that you really want to change? Your monkeymind say yes maybe but ask how much in % and you will get a much clearer answer when you are honest, and you are not honest because you still lie to yourself so you can feel confident in your comfort zone i dont ask your wanting mind i ask your subconscious what is a lazy bastard and loves to repeat the same old pattern of saftiness in the painful comfortzone. when you fully understand and feel you have much more awarness of your programms what can change a lot and bring also fast healing.

Back to the WHO AM I… i had many times emptiness feeling after different stages of enlightment where you just dont know who you are or what you are going to do or be its like a depression and big crisis for the ego because there is no plan any more. its very hard to describe all this in words because its a state of being outside from your concept what you only can experience by being there. When i came the first time to the bok LOC 1000 level of consciousness where ramaji describes his journeys and his enlightment progrocess between 700-1000 i was surprised that i had even many experiences when i have been still on level 582 on my first messurement in august 2017 but the words he described at this stage really suited me perfectly at that moment and so i went on this journey. On 712 i had still the wanting to teach and get more knowledge and super human powers and the idea of envolving. Later on nothing was left what i could love or identify or knowing what to do…everything was senseless till i gave it a sense. Even after 800 i had this emptiness and not knowing for more then 4 month not even knowing if i still will teach all this seminars. When i asked my soul i only got the answer that it wants to heal and fly but at the same time i was scared what will happen in my life if i really fly now. is there a new alexander who will rise? Will i still do something normal? All the matrix game is over ……. i dont want to go to deeper because this would be more another note about enlightment. But i can tell you yes its scary and yes at some point you are very afraid but you dont need to know how to overcome ….actually you dont need to know anything lets see how many understand this picture of LOC 1000 map of consciousness

I became every time much more like holografic like a reflecting diamond. I know when i reflect to cocreate a persons reality and what is really “mine”. Theirfore in THE FORCE IN YOU seminar i am just a mirror the whole time to show you your deepest fears and judgements so you can transform it. “I” take as much time as possible to lead everyone through it, i dont care if we sit till midnight or 3am i will always ask the room energy what is possible to make a change faster happen.Its hard to describe all the things iam doing with not doing in my seminar theirfore a lot of crazy fast change can happen but sometimes participants and even some host missunderstand me many times because they are still trapped in the duality and cant see or understand why or what i am doing or who i am in that moment.

In the last seminar the host told me after the seminar that she really wanted to kick me out of her house, because i said fucker to her dog so she asked me next day in the morning why i am so loving and so mean at the same time and she and her husband felt many times the love and then also the shadows and heavy energy. I just smiled and explained her that many years back when i just have been love, “nobody” was ready to recieve it or have been in wanting but not allowing it what is strongly in the esotheric scence. when you become oneness then there is no judging in right or wrong, good and bad, everything just is how it is and in my seminar i am just presence,expantion and space where i can feel and see all the things in the room from everyone and will tell it, burp it, scream it or fart it out, till you finally let go your nonsense beliefs she asked me what i see in her dog i said: i just see love ! so she asked: so why did you said to my dog that he is a fucker??? Just for you because it triggered you….because you still take animals more important than human because you are still afraid of getting hurt from humans. the dog feels me thats why he is always around me.. you are still in the mind thats the reason why you judge me, because you still cant “see”, because everyone is blind from his own filters and judgments. I have never used the word fuck so much in a seminar but because of all the judgements of the host and the group i just brought everything up so they can release all ideas of spirituality and finally really finding the way there. everytime in the beginning i say let go of your masks or i will rip it off but your arrogant ego still believes that you are more intelligent or more evolved than me, but as long you are around me i will show you your deepest blind spots i am not here that you love me, i dont even care what do you think about me,you will love me when you understand, but i am just here that you understand yourself, so you have no need anymore for anything or anyone and will enjoy everything without wanting it.
When you reach this place then i will bring you to the next level because i dont like that you burn yourself before you can handle the flame
A woman said after 5min talking to me you are like ayahuasca i was laughing and said i didnt knew that i am making you to throw up yes you are like a torch what burns through the darkest places haha thanks if you dont like to get burned from the light you better dont come close to me i am the change dont allow anyone to dim your light be brigher as the sun
As long you are in concepts you are still far away from reality a new possibilities.

Questions from different people i got yesterday:

Are you always in this state of mind?
Yes and no…. as soon as you will ask me something i will be connected and will give you an answer with an high awareness, the state of being in peace and love is always here and no when i am just playing beachvolleyball,table tennis or dancing because then i am in a different field and will be observed as “normal” as everyone else. okay i have never been normal but you know what i mean just because i have access to all this things doesnt mean that i have to be serious and strict like the martial art way… be happy with every shit you do Have you got a very big dream? I mostly reached my goals in Sports and everything else what i really wanted and yes i wanted to change the world thats why i started to travel and teach and step by step i influenced many lifes.

What is your biggest dream?

I have no real dreams or desires anymore, when everything is perfect then there are no needs to change anything, you just observe and allow things to happen and when you feel an impuls you just do it.

What is your drive?

Maybe love i dont know .. life itself just drives fractal and/or spiral

You invited a lot of people for viennas seminar. I assume that you want people to get into the „boat“. As it is good as it is. is their a desire for other peoples evolvement?
Some times ago yes of course i wanted that everyone starts to remember who they are and create greater things and lots of love,joy and easiness, but i wouldnt say that i still have this desire its more like i am happy if more people are ready to join my path into a loving happy life but if they dont want too i am also happy i dont depend on peoples choices.

Is there a desire?
Why do you do..what you do..? How come that the group of people you reach is still small in conparisson* to other spiritual „teachers“.
why do you choose so?
Yes i feel a little bit the desire to drink something “i” think i choose to or it happens too “me”. there are many reasons one i described already in the text i didnt liked to be one of the ungrounded esotheric people, another things is that what i do is not really the “nice” way and theirfore its not for everyone but its the most effective till now, therefore people just like to get busy and think that they do something or are spiritual while listening to a spiritual teacher or doing a guided meditation but my workshop and teachings are here to make real fast transformation for selfmastery instead of so much talking knowledge without any real constant experience and wisdom, other spiritual teachers have mostly big network companys behind them to spread the messages and there is something called possitioning where people with power bring new people to teach a society,(i was not interessted to became a famous teacher or making big money my main intention was higher consciousness and healing ) and so i had also resistance to became more famous there is no desire for it because i have been it already before in sports and my life is already busy enough but i see that it may happen in future. it its also much more private to do semiars with 15-30 people instead of 100 because you have time to listen to everyones story and see the change happening in everyone. its for me the quality of the seminar when you have 100 people you just become a teacher and will repeat all the time the same things, in my seminar i feel everyones situation and theirfore i can fully support them in their way to go on because everyone is on a different level. so actually i am very proud for everyone who is really ready to come to my seminar to envolve themself but there is no desire anymore when you are in inner peace…

Which practices have attracted you and which one has shaped you the most and how has your practice / life / consciousness changed since then? How can one as a person who has forgotten all this knowledge cme back to the easiest way into the river, the ease, dao (how does this happen / did this happen to you?) What question would you want to get asked?
Actually i dont want to limit any practise because many practises brought me many ways for understanding and everything was good at that present time of learning.what still gives me a lot of insights and transformation is quantum healing, darkness, silence and being playful. there have been so many drastic changes and many things are happening but how can you say it was because of this or that it could be true or not… thats why i dont like to say this is a good technique and that not, everyone got his own preference i just choosed after many years of hard way to go a soft way what i recomment to everyone to go easy on yourself and enjoy everthing what is. listen to your inner voice and the right experience will come for you how more open you stay how easier life will get. There is no wanting i am happy to share when people are ready to listen otherwise i will stay quiet.

2years ago i got an interessting question what i just saw it now because someone liked it: Where do you get your power from and how can yu give so much and why you are doing it??
…mhm even if I dont get sometimes anything back from them then a little thank you because they are in a big lack, I think how more you just go forward with your ideals ,people will follow when they are I will leave every place I am cleaner and with more love if needed.of course I also felt sometimes alone when I am constantly giving inputs and inspiration and then being stuck somewhere by myself and have no one to kick me out from this feeling.i am also not always in my center when I put to much stress and traveling in my life, but to go weak and into the pain gave me new possibilities to grow on many I dont even want to be always strong.its helpful to have someone to see things differently to go on in life when you stuck somewhere but the lesson in selfmastery is, to see what is behind all this and trusting yourself in this I appreciate people in my life who are showing me my blind spots and I think how more we help each other how easier life will become for when I am stuck with an problem I stay at the question instead of having a fixed answer. Who is this feeling or situation belong to? What can I do with it?how can I change it?if it has nothing to do with me and I just feel it because I am connected with everything I just send it thankful back to the field with consciousness from where it came from. So for the beginning smile smile smile and say I love me in the mirrow for 5min everyday and see what will happen in your life when you start to see things differently. we are in a programmed past loop from the first 7years in our life.if you want to become yourself realease the traumas from the childhood. Everything we do is just to recieve love from our parents.everything is a placeholder for its time to become a child again.laugh more think less allow yourself to be more happy even when the people around you in the city are scared and are just here to create your own happy life you cant make others happy when they are not ready to recieve. So stop trying to make others happy just be happy and your frequence will do the rest . Thank you ahh I forgot to say I got the power when I see that people starts to succed when they follow my advices its like having children and seeing them growing. And how more we share our storys and giving support to our helpers how more we can change together in a bigger way.

Funny to read this but actually i dont even do any special ritual or techniques anymore because i arrived in a state of mind where is nothing to do because you are in full acceptance.

I dont know how long i still will do this kind of seminars but i am fully grateful for you and every human and every story you share with me. Thank you all for trusting you are the rEVOLution of consciousness


comment and ask if you still want to know something.


What happens after the Seminar

The Force in you community loves everything about personal growth.

You read books. You attend the seminars. You watch the videos.
All of you study self development …
Are you learning just for the sake of learning?
Or are you actually transforming as a result?
More than 90% are really good in manifesting what they want after the Seminar and recieve a lot of healing and abundance for the other 10% read it, understand it, practise it

Are you ready for your last seminar and finally gain something very deep out of it?

The Process from beginner to master is:
Learning- Testing- Experience- Knowing- Transformation – Living
You will learn some ideas to become knowledgeable
Many people don’t even go further and are just stuck with knowledge to feel intelligent for their ego and jumping from one seminar to another but still feel empty
When you develop further you have to test your thesis, when its working than your experience and know it and transformation is happening step by step and when you constantly transform easier and faster you become it (the wisdom) and you mostly stop the normal learning and get your own information from your channel
Learning is reading wise words, transformation is when you adept this wise words in your life and live it forward instead of just knowing all the principles.
That’s for me the difference between walking an esoteric or spiritual path
Esoteric way is still outside and in wanting and fighting, spiritual is the inside job first and being what is.
That’s why I said to one of my teachers many years ago in Thailand in the temple I don’t need your book knowledge I want to feel your story what happened in your life after using the philosophy, because through your truth and experience I can feel you with your life experience and integrate it in my field too and that’s real sharing, sharing the path of love, joy and miracles.


So the thing is if you receive a new philosophy that opens new horizons and presents an ever-higher ideal to achieve, this includes being able to harmonize with it. In the beginning its normal that you will see conflicts and fighting everywhere because you become so much more aware about everything and feel sometimes overwhelmed. You have to strengthen therefore not only your brain, but your stomach, your lungs, and your whole organism to endure the tensions that will inevitably arise. One should not imagine that the streams of light and love are easy to endure and do Qi-gong, Tai-chi or other movements. Spirituality is a science that is appropriated by listening to the words of a wise man and by reading various scriptures. But that’s not enough, and it can even be harmful if you confine yourself to just feeding your intellect. You will become imbalanced with too much energy in the head from seeking what activates just your monkey-mind to get more knowledge and distraction. Anyone who decides to follow a spiritual teaching must therefore also change their way of life. Otherwise, over time, it will be taken over by contradictions that are so strong that it conflicts not only with itself but also with its environment and with society. Consciousness is not so an easy way what people think that if they go to one Yoga or Qigong retreat and believing that they really understand something… I am sorry as long you don’t live it forward its just a knowledge what you like and what you want to be to feel good for your ego. How many people will become unbearable for everyone after they have supposedly taken the spiritual path, because of missunderstanding the wisdom and just turning it that way so that they can go on with their selflie. They should question themselves, than they will see if they create harmony in them and around them and if they are able to prove themselves worthy of self-chosen spiritual teaching.

The secret to create lasting change in your life is that it’s not just about learning its about fully understanding and doing what you believe that is right instead of just knowing what should be right or what should be done.

Get your ass out from your comfort zone and be ready to change to be an example thank you for your trust and path into selfmastery. big hug